Honorable Mention – Honorable Comments

28 Aug

awardSo – the fair has ended and my submission has landed safely at home, and is next to the Christmas box – ready to be boxed up and wrapped, delivered as a big warm hug to someone very special.

This image here is the ribbon and note (which I love that they write feedback down so you have an idea of what went write and perhaps what went wrong). As you can see, the ribbon is attached to the wrong side of the work… so I am a little more confident in the assumption it was judged for the wrong side – oh well, too late and not the end of the world. *shrugs*

My note was very kind, actually. They liked my tension a lot and the work as a whole – the “downfall” was that my edge didn’t lay perfectly flat. A suggestion was made that when doing the reversed single crochet, to use a smaller hook.

Truthfully – in the 35 years experience I have, when doing the reversed single, I never once thought of using a smaller hook to force the edge to lay flat – so, I usually only use the reversed single when I actually want it to ripple/ruffle a bit but not too crazy. *laughs* So, a feature of the stitch I had grown to accept as ruffly, specifically chosen for this blanket, is what got me. DOH! Of course, the comment does do one thing – it means I now know how to use the reversed single without it ruffling (no clue why I didn’t just figure that out on my own YEARS ago, but now I know hehehe).

This is actually one Christmas present I am very excited to give… well, hmmm perhaps an overstatement because any of the handmade gifts really get my excitement level up when someone goes to open them (regardless if I created them or not – I just love handmade gifts). But I really am hoping the recipient loves it as much as I loved the idea of making it and the idea of giving it to them.

State Fair 2015 – over and out!

*drops the mic*


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2 responses to “Honorable Mention – Honorable Comments

  1. iesadora

    August 28, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    Thats neat that they leave a little note. I’m really glad you shared it too, Never occurred to me to use a smaller hook either.

    • Cris

      August 31, 2015 at 2:14 pm

      I’m actually crocheting out a small lapghan as a Christmas present and had planned to use the rev sc again. I am going to try it with a smaller hook and see how it turns out.


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