Button Sold

19 Aug


I had mentioned in a previous post about the Man hauling pieces of a fallen branch from our yard to his wood working hole – emerging with some gorgeous buttons. I had told him that if he wanted to sell any, to give them to me – I’d blog about them and put them on Etsy if he wanted (note: my Etsy store is currently empty… another big ole DOH for me).

Fast Forward >>> still no buttons in hand so no buttons being sold.

But during this, my friend Andrea from my Monday knitting group was working on an ADORABLE cardigan (in fact, I’m making one now). I wish I remembered the pattern name – I’ll share it as soon as I get pictures of mine up. I’m sure I’ll do a pattern review.

So Andrea finishes up her cardigan and head’s off to buy a button. Apparently, wooden buttons in our neck of the woods cost you an arm and a leg. She texted me asking about the Man’s button making abilities and told me the prize of one of the buttons in the store.


In the end, this whole story ends with an exchange – her being the brand new recipient of a button made by the Man (pictured here). He did some aging technique on this button along with leaving the bark on. It made a really interesting greyish button with a true aged look – not to mention it fit the cardigan button whole perfectly. I was amazed at how well it fit in with the colors of the cardigan.

So – first button sold.

And if he ever gives me any more, I’ll pass along the opportunity to buy some to y’all.

Happy Crafting!

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