Well well well.. I spoke too soon

17 Aug

blanket ribbonSo – we all know that because of these LOVELY (and completely functional and appreciated) stents in my kidneys, I am unable to attend the State Fair. Last week I checked the fair site for the competition results. As it turns out, on their page, I did not place.

Today – the Man hauled the kids out to the fair (and they are still there, to the best of my knowledge). This is a collage sent to me from the Man… the bottom (the green) is mine.

And wha… wha wha wha is there? A ribbon?

Yup – seems I picked up an honorable mention.

That’s pretty exciting!

Seems this year color was in (from the other submissions shown in this photo). I really am looking forward to getting the photos on his phone and taking a closer look. I know I want to see that ripple up close and then in the third pane on top, the plaid looking piece on the bottom rod.

Something else I noticed – is it appears that they have it displayed inside out *face palm* – maybe that’s why I didn’t place this year… but hey, at least the back side is good enough for honorable mention *chuckles* – I’m sure its just oversight, but still very very funny :)

I already have opinions from this photo – and no, its not that I should win everything. But I can definitely see where my personal taste takes over. Because I am excited to simply be able to enter this type of competition, I’ll keep the opinions to myself – everyone should be happy if they placed or not and regardless of my personal opinion, every piece of work in the displays are exactly that: someone’s work. Someone with a different perspective than my own, sat down and created – and that’s just amazing. It keeps this world interesting!

All that aside – I like how my blankie is displayed. In the third pane on top, you can see that they have what appears to be 2 blankets per rod hanging, and then there is mine, draped across the whole rod at the top. I think that looks swanky.

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  1. Anne Warfield (@indigoace)

    August 17, 2015 at 3:20 pm



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