Whelp.. I didn’t win.

12 Aug

2015 06 11 blanket 1Even though the fair doesn’t start until Thursday, the results were posted to the site. I did not place this year.

Sure, I’m a little bummed but I’m definitely not upset. What it does is makes me excited to see what did place – what else was sent in. While I can step back and from an unbiased place say that my crochet is pretty darn good (35 years experience will do that to you), but that does not mean someone else out there cannot do the same thing I do better nor does it mean that the complexity of my project just wasn’t there.

And that’s ok.

My blanket was difficult and it took a fair amount of time – but it wasn’t made to impress judges, it was made to make someone really happy at Christmas – I made the blanket for my target audience which happens to be 1 person that I’m related to… not X number of judges or 100s of fair-goers. If I wanted to do something specific for the fair audience and judges, it would have been 10x more insane and complex. My skillset allows for it, its just the audience for this blanket was not that person.

So – yea, I’m ok with it.

It’s a bummer that I won’t be able to physically see the other entries this year, but I have people who have stepped up to the plate and will be delivering a crap-ton of photos to me… and I can’t wait

note to self: buy gifts for photographer friends.

God bless and happy fiber arting (if that’s really a word).

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Posted by on August 12, 2015 in Rambles and Reflections


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