Half Way There…

03 Aug

halfsockSince obtaining two awesome kidney stents, I don’t like to push my luck with too much physical activity – I try to keep it as low key as possible (which of course, plays well into my knitting/crochet hobby hands). But – beyond fiber arts, movies also play well into my current situation.

Basically, I sit and knit/crochet and watch movies… a lot.

I have worked my way through several television and Netflix original series including Wayward Pines (on Hulu) and The Killing (on Netflix). I’m now working my way through Dexter (on Netflix). I’m about halfway through the series. I believe there are 8 on Netflix and .. well, 8 total. The series, if I read it right, ended after season 8. The reason I’m not 100% is because I’m into the series and I’m afraid to click on any links for fear of the ending being spoiled.

What I’m finding though is my reaction to the end of a good series or movie is not the same as the end of a project… I get sad when I know a series is ending… I am always sad after I go on a Harry Potter binge… and to think I’m halfway done with Dexter is just a bit depressing.

But I cast off sock one last night (the sock shown in the image) and was excited to be halfway done – I cannot wait to cast on the second sock tonight and hopefully, this time next week be showing you pictures of another finished pair on Instagram.

I have no idea why, yesterday when I logged out of Netflix, I even thought of this difference – but I did and of course, I spent plenty of time thinking about it while I got ready for bed. Of course, I know its because my fiber arts doesn’t stop. Each project is more like an episode in a series about my crafting life… its not the end of the series. I will keep on creating – it just so happens I won’t be creating *that* item anymore.

When Dexter is over… its over. The characters I have grown fond of will disappear into no-more-ness and that’s just a wee bit sad for me. But what I do know is I’ll end up finding another series to watch and as always, in hand there shall be yarn.

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