30 Jun

roxieMeet Roxie.

Roxie is enjoying a crisp, cool beverage at one of our local Starbucks (albeit the straw is key because her poor lil arms just aren’t long enough to reach).

Roxie is an absolutely adorable knitted dinosaur and was made special for a little person who is in process.

I did not knit this TOTS ADORB (as the kids would say) dinosaur. Andrea, a friend of mine from my Monday knitting group, knit Roxie. I am not entirely sure how long it took her or what pattern she used (I can find out if you want to know) but I do know I saw her working on it a couple weeks ago and as of a week ago, she was stuffing and seaming. So maybe a week and a half? Two weeks?

I have never knit a stuffed animal before and have never really had a desire to do so – BUT when Andrea pulled a half-done pink dino from her bag a few Mondays ago, I just thought it was the cutest thing ever. At that point I think she had the bottom of the feet done, the arms, the tail was complete and I believe she had worked her way up part of the body. Pink with lil white spots – cuteness.

So, now – because of Roxie, I am on a mission to find a good pattern. I believe I will be making a Teddy Bear (but I can easily be swayed by another critter) for someone as a Christmas present… but who knows!

Do you have a favorite pattern you use for a go to stuffed critter? Share a photo of one you’ve made? I would LOVE to see them!

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