A Head Start to the Holidays

16 Jun

2015 06 11 blanket 1Whelp, I’m doing it. That’s right – finally doing it.

I say it every year that I’m going to get an early start to my holiday crafting and then, inevitably, I don’t. I say I’m going to stay in May but end up rushing myself through October, November, and December in hopes to get it all done.

I don’t like the idea that I’m some sort of crazy deadline junky, but – hey, it is what it is… until this year!

I have finished one of my largest Christmas presents for the year – a queen size afghan. This one will be going to the State Fair so, fingers crossed!

I have also worked my way through some washcloths – I love to give them away in sets so I had several to make this year. I actually think those are done. But this means I’m getting close to the #GreatSockRunOf2015. Yup – gonna hashtag that one. Watch for it on my Instagram feed.

The problem (if that’s what you want to call it), the more socks I make and give away as gifts, the more popular they become and now, when I ask family what is the one thing they’d love for me to make them for the holidays – socks seems to be the number one answer. According to my Pivotal (link on the right), I have already made 3 pair of socks this year and have 4 more pairs to go. Ok.. perhaps not that many, but combined with all my other gifts, I have to knock them out pretty quickly…. and I may add a pair to finish before my mother’s birthday … in July…. early July…. July 4th.

Why do I do this to myself?

Fiber Sadist much?

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