YOP 2015 Update

15 Jun


Total Items: 15
Total Complete: 5 (33%)
In Progress: 1 (7%)

I’m cruising right along with my YOP 2015 list. I was able to finish off a blanket for someone very special in the last week and start a different “in progress: 1” item. That’s pretty exciting!

This is a pretty short update, per norm.

My list length has not changed but admittedly I did add other items to my overall knitting list for Christmas presents, but I chose not to add them to the 2015 list simply because these are the items that will lower my progress to the YOP list. I guess it doesn’t really  matter if I add them or not… my list isn’t getting checked off at any rapid (or semi-rapid, for that matter) rate of speed.

Of course… even though this is a short update, that doesn’t mean this has to be photoless. I bring you …. my kids’ backs.

kids backsThis is actually one of my favorite photos we took at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry on the trip we took last weekend. This is the U-505 Submarine they have on display. It is pretty awesome! They have a LOT of information surrounding this display and it is one o the primary reasons we went to this museum over a few others. Here is a link to the museum’s page on the exhibit.

I would highly encourage anyone (with or without children of any age) to go to this museum if you have the opportunity. One way to make it cheaper, especially if you do have children, is to look at a nearby (perhaps in a more small town) Science Museum. I found that our membership to the St. Louis Science Center was a valid membership to use for general admission at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. There is a list of all participants here. You’ll have to check out what your membership actually gets you at the guest museum. For us – it was general admission which saved us 82$ USD. Granted – the membership cost 80$ but we have used it multiple times, including at the Science Center in Iowa.

Hmmmm I guess I ended up having a lot to say (just not about fiber).

Have a great day, everyone!!!

– Malabrigo Chunky Scarf
– Baby Blanket (gift)
– Socks for Me (Kroy sock yarn)
– Socks for Me (Opal sock yarn)
– Blanket (Christmas Gift)

– Neck Scarf (Christmas Gift)

In Queue:
– Mittens for Squirt
– Teddy Bear (gift)

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