Celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day 2015

14 Jun

farmers market 2June 13, 2015 – those who could wield, weld.

Unfortunately, I was unaware of any of my local knitting friends headed out in group formation for #WWKIPD, so, I did my own thing. Thankfully, my family members are used to my knitting in public anyway so my antics didn’t impact them at all. I was a little surprised that Squirt didn’t take her needles and yarn out with me, but hey – she’s 14.

My first outing was to the Farmer’s Market with Rabbit and her fiancee (I need to come up with a blog name for him…. hmmm). This farmers marketwas her first time to the Farmer’s Market (I know, right!?) so she was pretty excited. I ended up doing my rows there after we were finished shopping.

There was a table for Rabbit’s employer (she works with people who have special needs – so as part of their fundraising, the clients actually make some ADORABLE greeting cards, little crafty items and organic dog treats … the table is very popular with the pooches because of the free samples!). As we passed back by, the woman was by herself – thirsty, hot, and ready for a bio break. Rabbit offered to sit in to help so her co-worker could take care of those three important needs. Whilst Rabbit worked at the table, the Fiancee (really need a name for him) and I sat on a bench, giving me opportunity to finish out a few rows.

Pardon the extremely not attractive photo of myself…. it was hotter than hades there… and we had been out for an hour or so, walking and sweating…. sweating and walking. *laughs*

knitting and walkingOne thing I learned about myself is that I can actually knit and walk. Keep in mind, I don’t think I’ll be doing any intricate lace work, but adding rows to the kwoosh was really easy to do at a nice saunter. I learned this headed into Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a new digital kitchen scale.

Whilst roaming the store with my needles out and in action, I did shock the dickens out of a woman in the scale section. She came wheelin’ around the corner and her face told the story of the thought process she was going through – trying to take in what I was doing, identify the task, categorize it as normal or abnormal, etc…. it took her about 5 seconds to figure out it was knitting, not threatening, and definitely not in her normal shopping activity category.

What makes it funny is the poor lady is caught on camera – Squirt was the one taking pictures in the store… so she captured a not so flattering me being ran into by a very confused her. I really do wish I could post it, but I wouldn’t want to post such a direct photo of someone without their permission – and I have no idea who she is so I cannot actually obtain it.


Trust me that it’s hilarious.

Outside of a glam shot taken at the Italian restaurant we went to for lunch (posted on Instagram), my knitting was pretty much in the car knittingcar and at home.

Where did you celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day? Did you celebrate at all? I would LOVE to see your photos – so either post a link to your blog in the comments, a link to your Instagram/Tumblr/Flickr/etc .. or just let me know what you did too!

Hope you have a fantastic day! God Bless.

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