World Wide Knit in Public Day – June 12, 2015

12 Jun

I must admit that a designated Knit in Public Day is kinda strange to me – not because its strange to knit in public. It’s strange because who, of us that do knit, do not knit in public?

Now – don’t get me wrong – I think its pretty awesome to think about the hundreds of thousands of fiber artists that will go out on Saturday with the explicit desire to knit in public.

If you read my blog from earlier, you know I can’t really afford to reward anyone with a prize – but I figured I’d pass up a bit of a game.

I’m proposing a scavenger hunt type game – below of a list of places I think are fairly common and accessible to all. Take a picture of yourself at/in as many places as you can from the list. If you have a blog, post them and then link in the comments. Shoot me an email at, drop in your instagram name… OR if you are on Instagram, tag them with #iyarnygames. I’m gonna do as many as I can too! I am not making this an easy list… I already know I won’t be getting all of them.

  1. At a grocery store (super Walmart counts)
  2. Next to a tree
  3. At a gas station
  4. Sitting in a restaurant
  5. Sitting at a stop light or stop sign (do not have the driver take the photo!)
  6. With ice cream or something sweet
  7. An usie (a photo of you knitting with more than just you in the photo, not everyone has to be knitting, appreciating counts!)
  8. Next to some pretty flowers
  9. In a movie theater
  10. At a sporting event (of any kind)
  11. At a local yarn store with others (or perhaps just your regular knitting group… in public!)
  12. Beachside (lakes and rivers count as long as its public… not your back yard!)
  13. At a Farmer’s Market/Open Air Market

Wield those needles, fellow fiber artists – wield them high!

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