I am a terrible liar… and even worse recoverer

29 May

This post is completely not fiber related and even more so completely described by the title of this post.

Truly – I feel absolutely horrible.

A long while back a co-worker and friend shared a story about a small painting on his desk. His daughter (I do not know how old she was at the time, but she is currently 16) had painted it. Apparently, she put it in an art fair and was excited, at the end, to be told it sold. She did not know who the buyer was. Regardless – she was very excited to have sold a piece of art. My friend was the mystery buyer. I think it is a fantastic telling of what kind of parent he truly is.

Can you see where this is going?


Yesterday, my friend sent me a message his daughter was at work with him. I said I would stop by to meet her. And I did.

He was not there (she said he had stepped away but would be right back) so I just started chatting with her. I have teenagers so I know how to converse… but I made the mistake of asking if she was the child who painted… and she was confused and that is when my mouth just did not stop. I said something rambley about a painting I had seen, the color purple was mentioned… and then I totally remembered that I was not to tell her and tried to back out of it by saying that maybe I was thinking of someone else and it just got really ugly from there. It’s all a blur at this point.

I sent him a message (so she would not see it) and apologized and said I was so so sorry…. I messed up and I only hope he is forgiving of my complete lack of “shut-up-ness” that I should have had but I didn’t.

I mean, I think its a great trait to not be able to say you are a “good liar” but recovery… sheesh – you’d think as a stealth knitter around the holidays that I would have at least harvested a wee bit of skill for recovery… but alas.

I feel like a real ass right now.

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One response to “I am a terrible liar… and even worse recoverer

  1. Flo Frazier

    May 30, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    Sweetie, you weren’t the one that told a lie to begin with so you shouldn’t feel bad. HUGS


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