Slow knitting (or: not quite as slow as I thought I was)

06 May

I identify myself as a slow knitter. It’s true – I can do so much more in a much less amount of time than I do with crochet than with knitting. I’m ok with that – knitting and crochet are different crafts… it is just what it is.

To tell this story, I have to take you back to around March 20th/22nd. Easter was quick on its way and I thought “wow, I should make each of the kids a pair of socks” … and then I looked at the calendar. I thought (honest truth) that Easter was later in the month. What I saw on the calendar was that Easter was actually April 5th. 


No time for socks. I had to go with store bought gifts, which is ok. Its not like we go crazy overboard with gift giving (its the candy where we, as parents, lack self control).

Since I had nothing else on the hook or needles at that time, I cast on a pair of socks. Some Kroy sock yarn my mother had gotten me as a Christmas gift. I had fun trying a new ribbing design and whipped through them in less than a week.

socksI’m guessing you are seeing where this is going?


Well, I took an off trip to the local yarn store mostly because I was needing to get away from work. A quick lunchtime trip to my fav spot. And at my fav spot they had a LOVELY new bin of Opal yarn – and the “Sweet and Spicy” called to me – louder than any call from the wild, and I listened (never minding the fact I’m actually trying to cut down on my yarn purchases). But… I bought it and I cast on that night.

Now do you see where this is going?

2015 04 13 Watermelon Socks 1

Now – I’ll be totally honest, I didn’t actually finish the Opal socks by Easter, BUT its only because I knew I could and I stopped working on them (just an inch or so from casting off sock 2). I could have completely finished two pair of socks from the time I thought about doing it for my kids (and giving up on the idea within moments after) to actually completely completing two pair of socks for myself – and my feet are bigger than theirs!

Good news is I got some pretty sweet socks out of the deal – but really, I should have a little more faith in my skills going forward … don’t you think? *wink*


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