Mittens, mittens everywhere and not a pair to wear!

28 Feb

2015 02 28 Blue Mitten - doneOk.. perhaps I’m over-exaggerating a wee bit.

There is one ginormous pair of mittens that can be worn: my first pair.

And I do wear them – with a pair of crocheted fingerless mitts underneath so that they don’t slip off. They just rattle around over my fingers – which is hilarious…. but warm! (and isn’t that the real goal here?)I had never made mittens before and just thought “why not” – it would be something new and we all know how much I love trying new stuff. This first image is a picture of the very first mitten made. I used some left over acrylic yarn because I knew it was not going to be perfect. And honestly, outside of just being the wrong size, I think it turned out really well. What making the one big mitten did do for me is teach me the base fundamentals of how to make a mitten.

So on to pair number two!

My son was first to raise his hand to have mittens – when I say this, don’t think that people hum hawed around and only did it because 2015 02 28 grey mitten - first donethey just wanted to help (read as: saw desperation in my face). I barely got the question out “who wants some mittens” and both kids come alive. I think it helps we’ve had 20 or so total inches of snow this month…. (11 of that coming in one night!)

This is the first mitten made for my son.

So.. I thought I’d get fancy and chart out a design for the back of the mitten. That was a mistake. He also didn’t hold his thumb all the way out which made for awkward sizing. *face palm*

So here is a playbook guide to mitten #1 for my son:

2015 02 28 playbook imageGraphed image on the back of the hand – no no no. This should be colorwork which means I need to go back and chart out the rest of the hand with little doo-diddles to make sure I have good color coverage.

Purl row above ribbing – big yes. It looks more finished than just going from ribbing to stockinette directly.

The thumb is way too short. I don’t take full blame for this one. I’m not sure why my son did not put his hand all the way in when he was trying it on…. no clue. Resolution: add 5 rows to the thumb (maybe a few more if those don’t look right when we try it on).

Overall: YUP! Making great progress.

As you can see by the next grey mitten being made.

2015 02 28 grey mitten - two not done

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