Knit & Knot Yarn – YUM!

10 Feb

yarnAs I mentioned in my previous post, I recently took a trip to Iowa where I got the pleasure to stop in at a local yarn boutique called Knit & Knot. Of course – because I stopped, I had to support their efforts (or just add to my yarn stash… any reason is a good reason, right?)

Here is a picture of my little haul.

But first, before I talk about the yarn – aren’t their bags just adorable! They are using simple little paper bags and using a personalized stamp to make their bags. Absolutely sweet and simple. Love it :)

Let’s start at the little stitch markers and make our way clockwise around the photo.

Stitch markers – they are cute. The store had several and they are clearly hand made. The ones I got are a simple little dice hanging from a wire loop. The “brand” is Susie’s Stitch Markers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything on the web and there is no indication of a website or store on the packaging. Perhaps she’s a local lady only selling at the Knit & Knot? Whelp – one more reason to go back! (I’m guessing I could email the shop via the website and find out… but that would just be too simple).

The two hanks of yarn just up from the stitch markers (remember, we are going clockwise from the stitch markers) are both Malabrigo Chunky. The one with the orange in it is called Autumn Forest while the solid green is Olive. These are the skeins The Man picked out while we were there. Well, he picked out the Autumn Forest and absolutely loved it. I suggested that we’d need 2 skeins so instead of making a plain scarf (the item he wants), we could do some stripes. He on boarded immediately. *laughs* So not only is this a chunky yarn, which is what I normally do not work with, but it is also not machine washable. That is a very odd thing for me – I like machine washable because I like not accidentally screwing up my work… its a preference *laughs* Of course, The Man is the one responsible once I’m done – I’ll let him feel bad for hosing it up if it accidentally makes it to the washer.

The last little ball of yarn is Painted Desert in the fabulous colorway of 03. I solemnly vow that if I start making and dying yarn, I will not name it after numbers or use codes. Part of the fun, I would think, would be to make up awesome names. So I shall call this colorway Dusk. It has so many blues and purples with small splashes of red and pink. It is a whopping 437 yards too – I have no idea what I’m going to make with it but I know I’m going to make something for me (unless I go crazy… as I normally do. oxymoron much?).

So that’s it – have you ever worked with any of these yarns, dear reader? I’m pretty excited to get started… but I do have a baby blanket on the needles I need to finish.

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