Yes. It can be a hat, good sir.

05 Feb

hat1I made a hat…. again.

The story of this hat starts many weeks ago. As I sit here and type this, there are pictures I wish I had taken to chronicle several of the steps in the process that was the creation of this hat.

Let’s take a step back to the almost beginning. I knit at work … a lot. People will stop me on other floors as I’m off to or returning from a meeting and ask how my *current work project* is going. I really had no idea that so many people are watching from afar – its a little odd but very nice at the same time. It’s also nice to know that the influence of fiber arts is there because I have a couple friends learning to work with yarn (right now: one with crochet, the other with knitting).

Anywhoozles – apparently one of the “watchers” is a gent that sits a couple cubicle spaces away from me. He’s a database administrator, or dba. This makes him one of my male IT coworkers (which I have mentioned in previous blogs … just he is not one specifically mentioned in any of those stories). One day, Mr. DBA approached me about knitting. He said he loves hats and with winter the way it is, he’d like to make one. I gave him the encouragement and even offered to sit with him and help him learn. The next morning – the very very next morning, he said he had bought some yarn and attempted to start a hat.

He continued to go on and on about how horrid it was – so confusing! He began to emulate with his fingers the long tail cast on (so I knew he was reading online) … He had the “basic” idea of how to do it but apparently putting yarn to needle was a whole different experience. I again offered to assist – but he said he could do it.

Well – I guess there wasn’t much more I could do, right?

As the weeks went on, here and there, he’d catch me and tell me about how horrible knitting is. Once he even doubted my ability to be so positive and happy because (paraphrasing) “anyone who knits should be very very angry all the time.” I suppose it wasn’t going so well for him. But – he again declined my offer of assistance.

So, Friday morning (last Friday), I haul my hind end into work – smiling as usually, and was met with something that made me laugh hat2out loud (this is one of those missing pictures I wish I had taken). On my work chair was a plastic bag, a straight needle poked out of the back haphazardly, and a note. It was a regular size piece of paper and in black marker, scrawled were the words “can this be a hat?”

It was not signed. I knew it was him.

After inspecting the contents of the bag, I went to him and told him that, yes – it can be a hat. He asked how much – I said 10$ since he’d already supplied the yarn (which ended up being a loss on my side, but oh well – he’s happy). He went on to tell me that knitting and purling were so hard but it shouldn’t be because knit is for horizontal and purl is for vertical.

Did you just go “huh?” too?

I had him repeat what he said…. and he said it again. So… the conversation began about what he was doing and how he was doing it (first and foremost, he was using straight needles hoping for a round hat). The other main concern was when I cast on he told me I did it wrong. That made me laugh. I politely reminded him that of the two of us, I was pretty sure I was voted most likely to know how to cast on. He laughed really hard at that (and so did I because I knew he didn’t mean it to be rude).

He was just thrilled that I was taking the helm of his hat making adventure.

How did I take a loss though? After I quoted him the price, I realized that I did not have DPNs or circulars big enough for the yarn. I don’t normally work with chunky yarn. *laughs* DOH! Completely my mistake.

I did try to get away semi-cheaply by just getting DPNs, but in the end, they were too short and stitches would easily slip off the end (when working the widest part of the hat). I ended up having to stop on our random trip to Iowa (homeward bound side of the trip) to get a circular needle. I ended up finishing that hat during the Super Bowl, casting off just as the trophy was presented to the Patriots.

I was back in the office Monday morning (literally 2 days away with the yarn) and he was stunned… and did end up loving it.

Can this be a hat?

Yes… yes it can.

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