Purl Essence Yarn – a user’s perspective

23 Jan

purl essense yarnI headed to Joann Fabric to find some yarn to make a couple scarves someone ordered from me. As I went up and down the aisles, it became apparent rather quickly they had brought in some new stuff. Exciting!

I decided to make the scarves out of a yarn called Sincerely by Purl Essence.

This is my story.

*insert intense Law and Order type sound*So, I bought it. There were not a lot of colors available, but the basics were there. I figure that’s because it was either on order OR they are testing the market. I’m holding out for option 1 although I’m guessing its probably option 2.

First, for price, I believe it was 4.99 for a skein that is 322 yards. Not terrible especially for the “feel” and rich color. It’s a nice acrylic and in the skein feels very similar to other store brand acrylics, although it is a bit thicker. The band said to use a J hook and quite frankly, I wouldn’t go any smaller – perhaps one size larger for tighter crocheters, such as myself.

2015 01 20 scarf 2I ended getting two scarves out of the three skeins I purchased (cream, grey, and black). Of the two, I prefer the one with the fringe showing in this photo – why? Because with the yarn and the suggested hook size (admittedly, I knew I should have gone a size bigger before starting… not sure why I didn’t), when I did the scarf on top in single crochet, it was tight… very tight. It even has a little curl at the edges, which is kinda irritating to me although to others I’m sure its not even noticeable.

The scarf with the fringe showing was done in half double crochet, meaning the stitches were a little bigger and had a little more give with the gauge. This one did not curl at all and is very soft.

I have washed both scarves. The color did not bleed at all, which is very nice (but somewhat expected of acrylic yarns, yes?). Both scarves did soften, even the one that was already soft. It made me a bit curious how soft they would have been if I had gone up a hook size. I will say that the yarn did start to “fluff” a little away from the main yarn which means there may be an issue with pilling after several washes – not sure.

Would I use it again – yes (unless someone out there has a reason they don’t like it and would care to share). I think I may make a hat out of the remaining yarn (yes, there is some left over even after making 2 scarves) and see how it holds up.

If you have used this yarn, please do feel free to comment with your thoughts and opinions on it. I’d be happy to hear!

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One response to “Purl Essence Yarn – a user’s perspective

  1. HeatherAnne Norbury

    January 23, 2015 at 11:20 pm

    I haven’t tried that brand yet but I do love Joann for yarn. I will have to check to see if they have it at my store.


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