2015 Resolutions…

08 Jan

my faceAs of Tuesday morning, January 6 2015, I have a yarn related resolution. I don’t really keep resolutions so I thought this was an odd one – but, then again, its one I’m going to keep because I’m about to do it (as in as soon as I get this post scheduled I’m going to go start researching… and then maybe knit a little bit on my gloves).

My iyarny resolution for 2015 is to learn nalbinding (or nailbinding, nalebinding, nallbinding, etc).

That’s it.

I didn’t say it was an *exciting* resolution.

So, as it turns out knitting and crochet was around in the 13th century – or so they believe. There are no museum pieces that suggest that they were, but apparently some art does depict knitting. Now, the purl stitch wasn’t in the picture for quite some time (like 17th century, if I remember correctly) so all knitting was in the round to produce various garmets – and because purl was late to the party, it seems steeking was pretty darn popular then.

But – the museum folks who thought they had examples of early 14th century knitting were proven wrong – as it turns out, the pieces were done with nalbinding. The material produced is very very close to knitted fabric which is why they were all about it being knitted. I guess some yarn experts came in and ‘followed’ the yarn and found out that while it may look the same on the surface, how the strand of yarn weaves through itself is very different.

Yes, I’ve already done quite a bit of research already.

This all started because a designer on Ravelry posted patterns for free (once paid patterns) due to the new European VAT tax. One of her designs was very medieval inspiring and I was curious if it was “to period” – ie authentically replicated… perhaps replicated authentically? You get the gist.

I work with a guy that does medieval re-enacting so I asked him a few questions and it just didn’t seem to fit together. So I started digging a bit more and boy howdy there is a lot to learn!

I plan on sharing my adventures in nalbinding (albeit there may not be very many) along with any produced items. I’m guessing my first few attempts are going to be small bags – but that’s ok. Something is something and learning is learning.

So what is the meaning to my learning this? Its exactly that – learning. I enjoy learning new things, especially as they relate to my creative self.

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