Spreading Holiday Cheer at Every Stop

28 Dec

On the elevator.

Each year I have to say that I’m impressed at the decorating that my employer does. Keep in mind I’m not a big holiday/Commercial Christmas/decorate to the max kinda person – it takes a bit for me to raise an eyebrow at. And every year, my employer does that. This year, they have extended their outside decorations on the east side of the building across the west side (we take up 2 city blocks, I do believe). It’s really tastefully done, which is a nice step away from some of the more gaudy displays.

This year, The lobby and main floor are decorated very tastefully but they extended the decorating of the building to the employees. The request was made that each floor put together a committee of folks to decorate a wreath. The wreaths were to be hung at the core elevators. It was not a contest. There were no give-aways (company loves give-aways). Just a way to bring folks together and let them participate in spreading the holiday cheer.

I live in the basement.

That always sounds funny to say. Down here its primarily IT. We have some financial accounts receivable folks (but not many). The wreath 1help desk is down here. On Tuesday and Thursdays, our little clinic has a doctor and a nurse. And I think, after the request was made, some customer folks were moved down here.

For some reason (of course, not related to my constant displays of yarning in the cafeteria) I was asked if I would help. I didn’t mind – I think it was a great little holiday outreach program. Four or so folks signed up to help, three showed up and participated. We got an idea, we brought in things we had from home, and we used the 20$ gift card to a local craft store – and in the end, I think we ended up with a pretty spiffy little wreath.

This is ours. We went more traditional. The idea of our wreath was to mimic a vintage Christmas tree.

The snowflake at the top is the tree topper, the presents are inside the middle along with the tree skirt. There are beads for garland, ribbon for garland and a ton of really cute ornaments and silver bells and balls.

I was pretty impressed on how it turned out in such a short amount of time.

Below are the other wreaths from other floors.

I think its pretty awesome the second floor went “whole hog” in that they put decals on the wall, and had a little table with a Starbucks (we drink a lot of Starbucks here – its across the street one block). Another went crazy with the big stars (I never thought it would look good but that wreath is really nice looking!). Even the administrators on the upper level participated with a wreath.

Each floor represented differently – I’m glad they didn’t make it a contest. I really think it would have played out differently if they had. It was just a simple gathering of people and a little creative outlet.

Please enjoy the photos (I know I love seeing them as I float around the building going from meeting to meeting).

wreath 2

wreath 3

wreath 4

wreath 5

wreath 6

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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