In Other Household Hobby News…

23 Dec

I’m fairly certain my youngest, Squirt, does not read my blog. Granted, I hope that one day she (and the others) will come here to read my words.

That aside – I’m sure I have shown a few small little moments on Instagram with the woodworking that is going on in my home. Oh… don’t worry – its not me ;)

Back story time: Up until about 2 years ago, the Man had 0 hobbies. None. He went to work and he came home. I’m not complaining because honestly it meant he was with us and I like that. I’m greedy that way (not that I won’t share him, but if he chooses home time over everything else… why complain, right?). Well, I complained a wee bit. I said that he needed to get some hobbies so I could have stuff to buy him for his birthday, our anniversary, and Christmas. Seriously… I can only buy so many socks and wallets. Then, a couple years ago I said that if he didn’t find a hobby, I was going to buy him the book of hobbies and force him to pick one so the next year I would have a hobby to buy for.

I’m a wee bit bossy sometimes.

Well, I got lucky and won a United Way basket at work that had a fantastic Canon camera in it (the really nice kind). He started taking photos and boom – I had gift ideas. Win-Win!

Well, the camera hasn’t completely gone by the wayside but his hobby time has been taken over by wood working and truthfully,2014-11-17 mantle shelf I am NOT complaining at all. Not only do I get an awesome array of gift ideas (albeit a bit more pricey than yarn), I am benefiting with stuff! At the mere mention of needing a mantle shelf so that I could knit some stockings for the family… BOOM – mantle shelf.

Outside of making himself a work bench (which I do NOT have a picture of), this was his first real piece. I think its beautiful. He pointed out a couple little things about it but I don’t care. He made it and I think its beautiful. If he wants to make some to correct the little tid bits he doesn’t like on my shelf, that’s fine- he can make them and sell them to someone else.

So… we live in a small house. We are not fancy people by any stretch of the word (well, outside of that mantle shelf). My kitchen is small. I have a square mini freeze taking up some of the valuable kitchen real estate and that mini freeze seems to be what I like to call “the dumping ground” – if something comes into the kitchen the someone dropping the something off doesn’t know where it goes… it goes onto the freezer. It was potential work space covered in ramen noodles, an amazon shipping box, and a bulk size box of hot chocolate packets. Wish I were kidding.

So – all it took was me clearing off the freezer to get into it and a bit of a complaint of “boy, I wish I had a corner shelf to put this stuff on – high enough to get the freezer door open but low enough to reach” … and voila – a corner shelf appeared!

It’s pretty basic but it works and now my freezer, located directly below it, has been clutter free since its installation. Seriously – that one little corner shelf has improved the quality of my work area AND honestly, it makes the kitchen look 10 times more organized.

I have to admit, when I walk in the house and smell fresh stain, I get a little excited *laughs*

In addition to the shelves, I have painted 2 minecraft-themed nutcrackers and dawned each in holiday gear as Christmas presents, both coming from the wood shop (ie our garage). I have a wrapped box that is my home made gift from him and to the best of my knowledge, was made after the electric planer was purchased… it has to be made from wood and I’m guessing its going to be amazing.

But – the reason it matters that our youngest does not read this blog (yet) is because of his latest creation. Probably his 3rd big piece (again, not counting the no-photo work bench) is a desk. She has wanted a desk for her room for quite a while… in fact, its been on her Christmas list for the last two years. Desks are expensive and quite frankly, she can do her homework at the dining room table. And she has. But he decided to make her a desk – and a desk he did make.

It’s a basic desk made from pine and the legs were purchased – but I think he did an amazing job. While the whole thing is great, and I know our daughter will love it, the most amazing wood work element is that he made the drawer including the slides. It slides very smoothly and no hangups or clunkiness. It’s better than some professional/machine made pieces I’ve owned.

I know I was hesitant when he wanted a table saw – just how much “stick to it” did this hobby have? Well – I definitely think it has a lot.

I like watching his creativity come alive as he works through these projects. I genuinely cannot wait to see where he goes with all of this. It’s pretty darn spiffy.

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One response to “In Other Household Hobby News…

  1. Flo Frazier

    December 23, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    How absolutely lovely! I love handmade wood items. You are blessed! Merry Chrismtas!


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