A Christmas Story: Sledding with Wolfgang

10 Dec

I was 12 or so when I brought Wolfgang home…. Wolfgang Amadeus Homer to be exact. He was a malamute cross dog: 75% malamute, 25% Alaskan Timberwolf. My parents didn’t condone having this type of mix breed in the house but he was faced with euthanasia because someone else decided they didn’t want such a large, “strange” dog in their house.

Wolfgang had some strange habits – and that is saying it mildly. I could write so many posts about that dog. He was pretty funny and quirky and smart.

We had a pretty good snow over night when I was about 14, making my brother 18ish. Wolfgang, as a sled dog type critter, was in hog heaven. It was the weekend so we suited up to go sledding. I had mentioned before that there was a nursing home built in the back acre or so from our house – and part of that process was clearing out woods – woods that were on a big hill.

Oh boy!

We let the dog out. He was romping all over the place, throwing snow up with his nose. At some points, we only saw his tail sticking up out of a mound of snow.

As poor folks, we didn’t have sleds. We used trash bags, they were perfect! Lay it down and insta fan for all. My brother and I took several trips down the hill… my brother, being much taller means he was much heavier and would go MUCH faster. He hit the fence at the bottom of the hill and went under it once. It ripped his clothing up and left some nice scratches up his neck…. it looked painful – but I have to admit, the crowd of elderly found grand entertainment in his show. I laughed so hard… and he did too once he realized he was fine for the wear.

So… during this particular trip, since Wolfgang was having a good time on his own, my brother and I decided to help him. My brother put down his trash bag and tossed some snow on it…. and I called Wolfgang. He came bounding towards me and hit the trash bag.

If a dog could scream, he would have! As soon as all 4 paws were on the trash bag it went over the hill. Keep in mind, he was a 120 pound dog. He was all over the place going down that hill – his eyes, I swear, were as big as dinner plates. He was NOT happy with us. Oh boy… and he showed us!

He came grumping up the hill – literally making this throat sound, grumbling with every step. He walked over to my brother and bit him on the leg (not a violent bite, but a good nip – thank goodness for coveralls!) Then he came grumbling over to me and punched me with his paws. He seriously stood up on his back legs and punched me in the arm with his front paws. Then.. he bound off towards the house.

We laughed so hard at his reaction…. and then we went back to sledding.

I hadn’t gone more than once or twice when Wolfgang came out of no where and grabbed my hat! Granted, I had long hair so he grabbed my hat AND hair… and spun me around before taking off with my hat.

It was an ambush!

Each and every time my brother and I took a trip down, he’d appear out of the woods and attack – taking some form of clothing…. a glove, a scarf… a hat….

While it was enough to laugh at, it started getting cold really quick!

We ended up packing up our stuff and headed back to the house.

I don’t know about my brother, but I never found the articles of clothing the dog stole from me that day. He did end up forgiving me after a couple of days, but I have a feeling that if we went up into the big woods, we would probably have found our stuff shredded.

We never helped Wolfgang sled again. We learned our lessons…. and we always kept extra watch when it came time to go sledding.

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