A Commissioned Sweater (or: WTGooses, Batman?!?!)

04 Dec

So, I’m sitting at work Thursday morning minding my own business – editing an architecture review document… same ole, same ole </sarcasm> when I get an instant message from a fellow member of IT. He sits in the next row… not sure why he didn’t just walk over.

To summarize: “Do you knit things for people? request items… for money.”

Hmmm A slippery slope. The tangled web. The rock – the hard place. Ye ole catch 22. 

I thought for a moment and answered with a definitive “Depends. What is it?”

The truth is I tend not to take orders because I put so much additional pressure on myself to deliver a high quality item. I want it to look completely store bought. If one thread is out of place I tend to “panic” – and that’s putting it lightly.

So after some exchanges back and forth – the item in question is a sweater. A sweater with a LOT of color changes and fair isle needs. If you all remember my post from a few weeks ago – my fair isle always leaves me shaky. The stockings I did turned out great, but the hat before that falls into the “not so much” category. Obviously I love the idea of a challenge but at the same time my brain is telling my spirit that maybe this is a bad idea.

So we talk a little more and he finally comes over. A link is involved – a picture of a sweater that is for sale online. No worries – its not a hand knit sweater… its a machine. Big business hammering out sweaters by the truck loads in the same time it takes us knitters to cast on. He loved the idea of the sweater but he wanted to add some different colors and perhaps some different patterns.

Gee – can we make this any harder?

I know I can do the knitting. I know I can get the fair isle to look fab if I just put the time into it and really pay attention.

So – now what is my hangup?

This is just a picture. No more – no less. So I have to create all the charts for the designs and get my counts right and alignment and figure out the sizing and stitch counts… basically – I think I’m going to have to make a plain sweater to make sure the pattern works for him and then, only then, repeat the same sweater just with the design.

Knowing all of this, for some reason, my mouth said “well, you’d have to buy the yarn and… you won’t get it this year… and it will take me a few months… and then I would need compensated for all the time knitting and charting…. ”

And as I faded off into all the “and then” statements – his response was “Let’s do this.”

Let’s do this.

The last nail in the coffin. Am I insane?

I really thought he’d just buy it offline and the more he talked he said he is more than willing to pay for a one of a kind sweater that fits him. He asked if it would be one of a kind and I said yes. If he wanted, I’d destroy the charts when it was done.

That excited him the most.

He is going to take the sweater image he sent me and basically take it to photoshop and mark it up with the color changes he wants, the new pattern additions (holly and snowflakes are nice, but he wants more… more more more).

This is going to be one very unique ugly Christmas sweater.

And I really can’t believe I am going to do this.

Deep breaths… I’m going to do this.

oh boy


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