Capturing An Old Time Christmas

03 Dec

finished 2I’m pretty excited to have finally published my second pattern for sale. The last one I did was .. heck – a long time ago! Granted, after the first 48, the stocking pattern is only 99 cents. I won’t be going to Aruba on that one any time soon. But that’s ok because its not why I create – I create because its relaxing and I genuinely enjoy it; however, every once in a while enough work goes into something that it really should produce some type of a return. Right now, as its free, the only return I’m getting is a huge smile watching the “purchased” count go up. I’m so glad so many people feel it worthy to download the pattern.

All that aside, this isn’t about having a new pattern on Ravelry.

The entire reason I made the stocking pattern is because I needed it. I looked at other patterns on Rav and none really fit my “need” – my vision of what a traditional stocking looked like. The man made a lovely mantle shelf for me to adorn with knitted stockings – and I didn’t have a traditional stocking pattern that fit my vision. What’s a girl to do? Better question – what’s a yarny supposed to do?

Make one!

So I did. I started out fiddling with the yarn and as the stocking in my visions began to grow in my hands, I started to remember Christmas’s (Christmases? Christmaseseses… ) from my childhood. Keep in mine we were pretty not wealthy – so sometimes Christmas wasn’t the grand idea pushed in movies; however, they were grand to us. And now, as an adult, I cherish the simplicity of it all – truly embracing the meaning of Christmas and loving our family for family sake.

Hanging the four stockings on the shelf and stepping back, I hope I have created a memory for my kids. They are older now. They’ve never had to worry so much about Christmas (even if The Man and I actually were) and I’m somewhat glad for that – but we definitely do our best as parents to instill a sense of gratefulness and love in our kids, traits that are most easily exhibited during the holiday season. We talk of Christ, the true meaning of Christmas. We embrace more simple aspects of the holiday.

The kids were pretty excited to have their own hand knit stocking. That was pretty exciting for me too.

This month I would like to capture some of my Christmas stories from my childhood – I may reach out to my brother so I can get these stories documented. I think that’s the most amazing thing about blogging – years from now (provided WordPress is still around *laughs*), I have spent time documenting my life… and even more importantly, my personality. My family will be able to return here and read words that I typed. They will be able to feel what I feel … ya know, provided I write fairly well.

Ok – let’s get back on topic (and by “let us” I mean me) – There is just something quaint about the simplicity the holidays can have. One of the ladies in my yarn group said that more people were out shopping over the Black Friday weekend but less money was spent. Are we cycling back around to something more simple? I know when I went to Hobby Lobby with the Man last weekend the store was packed – and people were not just buying the shelf items – the supply aisles were full of people too. Promising thought, yes?

So – other than a warning I’ll be posting some stories from my childhood holiday experiences, how do you celebrate? Are you a “go big or go home” kinda person or do you like to “keep it simple” ? Somewhere in between?


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