Giving Thanks

27 Nov
me n kids


In the last year I have changed positions 3 times, bosses 4 times – but I’m at the same company. My cat became paralyzed. My car has died…. twice. In fact, its at the mechanic as I type this. We had a tree fall in our back yard during a storm and crunch part of our fence. We had a tree fall in our back yard during a different storm and crunched some of our patio furniture. I had a kidney stone a couple months ago which was extremely painful. I got the medical bills from said kidney stone and those were much more painful. My student loans are coming around to bite me in the hind end – that’s blood from a turnip I’m not sure I can squeeze. We had a fabulous family reunion this summer and around two weeks later, my dad’s brother John passed away. A little bit after that my Aunt Sharon, one of his older sisters, passed away too. A close family friend, a woman I have recognized as my honorary aunt for my entire life, is struggling with cancer and a good friend from work died just a few weeks ago from a different type of cancer.

Mine always seems to be money and health related. The car gets me down but doesn’t that just come right back down to money? But, ya know, it hasn’t been an easy year, but I recognize that there are many more out there with much bigger problems to work through.

In all of this and so many other things I didn’t even list, I am still blessed. Granted, I wouldn’t snub a financial benefactor if someone decided to gift me a few thousand dollars – or several someones for that matter. *laughs a little* Even without a gift from strangers, I am blessed. Outside of my anxiety disorder, thanotophobia, and occasional kidney stone, I’m pretty healthy. My family is healthy, both immediate and non. My family members that passed – I know they had a strong relationship with Christ and that it wasn’t a goodbye. When they passed it was more of a “cya later” instead. All who passed had a positive impact on my life and I am better for having known all of them.

The cat may be paralyzed from old age but we are a compassionate family and we love her – and each of us takes our turns in taking care of her. She is still loved. She’s not in pain. She is getting treated more like a queen than she had ever imagined possible… and as a cat, I guarantee she imagined it her entire kitty life of 18 years.


The car and student loans? Well – thank the good Lord for the gift of intelligence –  I’m smart enough to create a feasible budget. And I’m blessed that with my last job change, I did get a little bit of a raise and that helps with the budgeting. Not everyone gets that luxury.

I know things are going to come along and rattle my trees but if I hold strong, there is always a solution. While outside of a strong budget I don’t have much on the student loans (again, unless you all want to give me a little holiday cash *laughs*) other than to just be on a strict budget for a while and get it taken care of. The car – oh the car. I do need a new car but can we not call it a blessing that I have a car at all – and quite frankly, having a car, regardless that it is around 14 years old with close to a quarter million miles on it, that is paid off is a blessing. It runs most of the time AND it gets fabulous gas mileage AND the money I do have to put into keeping it alive and kicking is less than the money I would have been pushing into a car payment.

I would love a new car at some point in my life but now is not it – and Petey (that’s his name) is doing just fine. The real blessing on this little monetary adventure is that something one mechanic quoted as being almost 600$ to fix is being fixed for just over 400$. I happened upon a co-worker and I was teasing him about others saying he was a great mechanic. He said he would actually fix it but didn’t have the tools and with it being the holiday…. of course, I shut him down. I was only there to joke. He did offer up a tip on a mechanic close to work that he trusts (that’s important) AND gives a discount to our company’s employees. I took the lead and now it isn’t quite as bad as it could be. Blessing? definitely.

So what is this entire post about? Thanksgiving? How could it be – so much was put in here that isn’t positive at all.

It’s all positive. Each experience I have teaches me something. Taught me the patience I need to have and the patience my Lord wants me to have. I have learned to turn troubles over to Him more – and that is very hard for me. It shouldn’t be – but it is. I am



I am thankful for my life, both good and bad. In the last year, while a lot of bad things have happened but so much good has graced me. I have a stronger relationship with God. I have reconnected a bit with the oldest child, I have built even stronger relationships with all my children, I have gained new opportunities and experiences at work that have allowed me to grow a lot in a short amount of time, I have had productive conversations and proactive dialog with a few I would normally not. I have a job where I feel valued and appreciated. I have a place to share my creativity and I have the means to have a hobby to help alleviate stress. I’m blessed to have a home and live in it with some of my most favorite people in the entire world. It’s a small house – but it is our home.

Sure – I may have issues. We all do. But be thankful for the blessings in your life and instead of letting the problems tear you down to a place of despair (trust me, I’ve let that happen), hanging your head low and keeping your eyes closed – hold your head up through them and find that silver lining – because the light from that silver lining opens up your eyes enough to also begin seeing the possible solutions you may have otherwise missed.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. May you all have a blessed day and rest of the year.

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