A Sweet Little Surprise (or – The Power of Suggestion, a Wife’s Tale)

19 Nov

2014-11-17 mantle shelfI have knitting group on Monday nights. I am also quite the creature of habit in that when I leave a location, I text The Man the word “leaving” just so he know that I am safe and be aware if I take longer than expected that something may have happened. Its a habit hence my being a creature of habit…

So, I leave knitting group earlier this week and, per usual, text the Man “leaving.”

I open the door to an almost blacked out living room with Christmas music. The kids and man are sitting patiently – and the only light is the glow from this shelf… my brand new shelf. He made it for me and I think its absolutely beautiful.So after a bit of ooo’ing and ahh’ing, he started telling me of him making it and all the places he had to run and that he had to buy one knob last minute (after I left for knitting group) and that they broke 2 of the 4 candles… (and I broke one of these 2 not an hour later – DOH! who makes this type of thing out of glass now anyways???) We spent the evening sitting on the couch, talking, listening to the “yule log” station on the television. It was such a pleasant evening – I cannot remember the last time we had one like this.

And then, at around 10, I excuse myself to the bedroom to get ready for bed. Ya know, work in the morning…. and said “ya know, I should check out Pinterest for some more ideas” … and he laughed a little… then said “no more suggestions” *laughs*

You see, The Man just got a new table saw – seriously, maybe a week ago? He wants to take up word working. This, I think, is is first project outside of a workbench he made right after we bought the saw. I’ll put it in writing right here – I’m really impressed at his work especially with having so little experience in wood working. Sure, the shelf has its flaws, but its still absolutely beautiful and in the end, he learned a few things he needs to consider for the next project. I’m thrilled with the shelf and those few little flaws make it mine and make it extremely special to me.

Anywhoozles, back to the story – we got the table saw, he made the work bench, and then I had knit group last week… and while there, one of my friends was working on a knit stocking for her grandson. Keep in mind I have said multiple times over the course of the last several years that I should make our stockings – wouldn’t it be nice to have hand knit stockings – boy, what a tradition if I made everyone a stocking… (apparently habits are more than physical actions, it is also things I say… repeatedly but never act upon). So I come home last week and say something about the stocking (its a very nice stocking) and then say “huh, even if I made the stockings its not like we have anywhere to hang them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a mantle shelf even though we don’t have a fireplace.” I think that sparked a bit of interest in him… my dad would have called it “planting the seed.” My psychology book called it the power of suggestion.

Regardless – in less than a week, I have a new mantle shelf.

And… oddly enough, I’m banned from Pinterest until after the holidays for fear I may plant the seed for some other awesome bit of wood work.

I’m thinking corner shelves next. Or perhaps a new entertainment center.


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