Project Bags

04 Nov

So, referencing the conversation mentioned in yesterday’s post, my mom and I talked about a lot of things. One thing she mentioned was making a bingo tote for someone as a Christmas present. That quickly went the way of iYarny when I asked if she could make some various sized project bags. She kinda said yes but kinda not and I had a great idea.

If she made me a couple, I could do a give away on my blog coupled with dropping a few for sale in my Etsy store (the money would go back to her, of course – she just doesn’t have the storefront yet). Who would be interested in seeing some of her creations?

I can tell you, as a kid, she would put out some AMAZING clothing of her own designs. I have told the story before, although I’m not sure if I have captured it on the blog before – so here goes:

When I was a kid, my mom would sew all the time. She made a lot of stuff. But one of the craziest things I remember is that she kept a HUGE role of butcher paper under her bed. We’d be sitting and doing our normal family stuff when she would just pop up, run to the bedroom, grab the paper, and start drawing and cutting. She would get a pattern idea in her head and it wasn’t long before it was on paper and soon enough, before it wasn’t in full form. It amazed me how she could just “see” cloth like that. Granted, people sometimes say that about me with yarn – but to them I can only say “but that’s different” – she did amazing things with fabric. Absolutely amazing.

Since she had her hands operated on for carpal tunnel, she has not sewn like she  used to. I would love to see her get back on the wagon with the sewing machine – I think she could make a lot of fabulous items that the world could enjoy through different venues like ebay, etsy, and ravelry; venues they didn’t have 20+ years ago.

So, let me know what you think! If anything, I’d like to get some photos up of her handiwork to give you a taste of what would be to come.


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Posted by on November 4, 2014 in Rambles and Reflections


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