My Valentines

18 Feb

First and foremost, I offer an extremely belated Valentine’s wish to all my readers. I had hoped to get on and post on Valentine’s Day but it just ended up not happening… why?

Because I waited until the last moment to work on my Valentine’s mini project for my coworkers.


But, besides that, these two door hangers are something I wanted to share with you all even though they aren’t crochet. These are made with plastic canvas (if you couldn’t tell already *laughs*)

The red one was made for Squirt and the black one was made for DC. The idea was that I would put little treats inside the basket front and have them wake up with a fun little “I Love You” on the morning of Valentine’s Day.

To say the least, DC was the most excited to have it. He went through it and read the note I left and “opened” his crochet fortune cookie. He hugged me and said thank you and I love you – he’s so sweet!

Squirt liked the items but never really said anything else about them.

Needless to day – I thought I’d get the opposite response – but that’s ok. I know they both enjoyed it and returned the love with valentines they made.

Made by DC: A Negative Space Valentine

By Squirt: A More Traditional Valentines (with crochet magnet holding it up)

By Squirt: “Owl Always Love You” Valentine

The last item I made was Valentine’s Day fortune cookies, made from a pattern I found on Ravelry. I will post a review of the pattern but just know, the end result, was a huge success! Everyone loved them.

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