WIP Wednesday

02 Mar

I definitely am needing to get a little more regular in my posting. Once I got the initial flow of “how to” videos up, I kinda had a break in my blogging. I figured one great way to make sure I have a good, regularly-updated blog is to share my WIPs with those who care to know. I’m at work right now but I’m sure I can take some pictures later and update the blog post.

1. Baby Blanket for friend on west coast
Ok folks, this one isn’t going anywhere fast. I blogged out the Bernat Bobble Blanket that seems to be dragging on forever, but I have a feeling one of the reasons its not moving forward fast is because I’m not getting as much hook time on it as I wish I could. I’m going to make a conscious effort to put a good hour into the blanket before next WIP Wednesday. I want to be able to update my ravelry project listing at least by 10%. If I don’t work on it, then I at least need to just frog it and make a blanket I will definitely finish.

2. Hat for coworker
While this one has not technically started, it needs to be listed because it was officially put on order yesterday. On request, I made my coworker a scarf. I delivered the scarf yesterday and within moments he had money in hand saying “I need a matching hat” – my plan is to bring my tape measure tomorrow and get his dimensions so I can make a good stocking cap for him – one that matches his scarf.

3. Dishcloths
I bought two cones of cotton yarn from walmar to make disclothes. My original plan was to make them and sell them in pairs on etsy. So far, I haven’t gotten any put up for sale but I have made a few for myself, in a spiffy stitch I have never seen in a pattern before. Yes, I do plan on eventually sharing the stitch, I’m just working out all the “things to know” about it first… oh, and a spiffy name!

4. Scrapghan
Yea…. I can’t put much time in on this one because it makes me fall asleep. It’s so toasty warm and sooo nice to lay under. *chuckles* I blogged about this monstrosity too. I really think it’ll be pretty when I finish it.

5. Legwarmers for friend
She requested a knee-length leg warmer so I’m currently working on that. I have finished one and brought it in as a prototype. Seems there are still a few things about it she would like changed so I think the one I have will be put up as a free pattern here on the blog. The new one (I have not made yet but will have all the changes) will most likely not be put up as a free pattern. I may even try to make it into a sellable pattern – we’ll see though… we shall see!

6. Kitty Toys
This is still in the prototype phase. My thoughts are that I want to either sell cat toys in my etsy store with 50-75% going to some animal rescue organization (not yet determined) OR donate the toys so they can be sold at the organization office. Either way, I have made a couple and my kitties are in testing phase – they are my pilot study group. *laughing* I have a video that I may post tomorrow, provided I can get my new video editing software to work. *smiles*

I think that’s pretty much all the projects I’m working on. I have a couple “in the hopper” but because they are new patterns I don’t want to spill the beans.

I want to say thanks to you all for following my blog. I hope you find it informational, enjoyable, and/or entertaining. Do leave a comment below because I love hearing from you!

– Cris


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2 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. Merri

    March 2, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    Happy Anniversary Cris!!! It's a wonderful thing…

    We just celebrated ours on the 27th. Cheers!

  2. Merri

    April 5, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    Happy Anniversary Cris!!! It's a wonderful thing…

    We just celebrated ours on the 27th. Cheers!


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