Pointed Granny Scarf [Pattern]

09 Jan
This is a pattern I came up with after attempting to create a granny square scarf for the 2011 Special Olympics Scarf Project.

The colors of this pattern are not important. You can use a different color for every row, two colors, or a single color – the choice is up to you. A softer, worsted weight yarn is preferred although the blend is up to you as well. If you change colors in the pattern, I find it is best to tie off each row and start a new row in on it’s own; however, if you are using one color, you can eliminate the need to weave in a lot of ends simply by moving up to the next row instead of tying off. 

There are two versions of this pattern – one has a straight ended point and the other end has a flare to it. This pattern is for the non-flared version. It took me around 2.5 hours to complete.


Pointed Granny Scarf
by Cris

Hook Size: I
Yarn: As described above.

For this write-up, I am using Red Heart Super Saver yarn – 1 skein blue, 1 skein turqua (the official colors of the 2011 Winter Special Olympics)

ch = chain
sl = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
sk = skip
st = stitch (normally referring to the top of the stitch below the current row)

If you want your scarf to be shorter or longer, you will need to decrease or increase the starting chain in multiples of 4.

Ch 172 using dark color (blue)

Row 1:
dc in 4th chain from hook
dc in next st 2 more times (creates 3 dc in a row)

*ch 1, sk st, 3 more dc in next 3 st* (repeat between * until the end of the chain)
ch 1, dc in last stitch of the chain
Cut and tie off the end. You are left with a long string of dc’s in clusters of three and 2 “loops” on the ends).

NOTE: Even if you are using the same color, you do want to cut and tie off the end here. You won’t have to for future rows, but for this row, it looks nicer if you do.

Row 2:

Showing where to start row 2 and the end loop.

Turn the piece (this means the “tails” from row 1 will be on your right side if you are a rightie)
Put the second color on your hook and attach it to the ch-1 space before the end loop (as illustrated)
ch 2 in the ch-1 space, dc 2 more times in the same ch-1 space
ch 1
*3 dc into the end loop, ch 1* repeat between * 3 times

Repeat the following for all ch-1 spaces: 3dc, ch 1
Repeat the end loop instructions on the other end (3 dc, ch 1 – 4 times)

You will end with a ch before your first dc (the starting ch-2) of the row

Cut and tie off. Turn your work over.

Row 3:
For row 3, you have to understand the loop chain spaces. As you can see in the image, there are 3 from row 2. There will only be 3 for every row except as you increase rows, then you will have chain spaces in between. The chain spaces in between the loop chain spaces will have the regular 3dc, ch1 put into them.

Start your row by hooking into the work at any ch-1 space on the side of the scarf.
ch 2, 2dc, ch 1
*In the next ch-1 space, add 3 dc, ch 1.* (Repeat between the * until you reach loop chain space 1)

Work all three loop chain spaces in this row the same: 2 dc in the loop chain space, ch 1, 2 dc in the same loop chain space, ch 1 (will be done 3 times for each loop chain space).

Continue down to the other end doing 3 dc, ch 1. Repeat the loop chain spaces the same as you did for the first.

Finish the side off with the 3dc, ch 1 until you reach the first cluster you created. sl into the top of the ch2. Cut and tie off.

showing loop chain spaces after row 3

Turn your work.

Row 4:
Put the lighter color on your hook and attach it to any side ch-1 space.

ch 2, dc 2, ch 1

*In next ch-1 space, 3 dc, ch 1* (Repeat until the next space is loop chain space 1)

In loop chain space 1 – 2dc, ch 1, 2dc, ch 1
In next ch-1 space do 3 dc, ch 1
In loop chain space 2 – 2dc, ch 1, 2dc, ch 1
In next ch-1 space do 3 dc, ch 1
In loop chain space 3 – 2 dc, ch 1, 2dc, ch 1

loop chain spaces after row 4

Continue down the side doing 3dc, ch 1 in each ch-1 space until you reach the next loop chain space. Repeat the above sequence around the end of the scarf. Continue down to the starting ch-2. sl into the ch-2, cut and tie off.

Row 5:
Put the darker color back on the hook and attach it to any regular side ch-1 space (not a loop chain space).

ch 2, 2 dc in same ch-1 space, ch 1
In next ch-1 space (if not a loop chain space), 3 dc, ch 1. Repeat 3dc, ch 1 in every ch-1 space until you reach loop chain space 1.

loop chain space 1 – 2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc, ch 1
in next 2 ch-1 spaces – 3dc, ch 1
loop chain space 2 – 5 dc, ch 1
in next 2 ch-1 spaces – 3dc, ch 1
loop chain space 3 – 2dc, ch 1, 2 dc, ch 1

Continue along the side with 3dc, ch 1 until you reach the loop chain space 1 on the other side. Repeat the loop chain space instructions above.

Finish with 3dc, ch 1 until you reach the starting point. sl in the ch 2 that started the row.

Do not cut the yarn or turn the piece (unless you choose to eliminate the edging row)

Row 6 (edging):
ch 1
In the next st, 1 sc
Continue along the entire edge of the scarf with sc in each st and one sc in the ch-1 spaces. The only exceptions to the sc’s are that if it is either of the remaining 2 loop chain spaces OR the dc at the very point of the end of the scarf, put 2 sc’s in. This helps keep the turn/point of the scarf.

Cut and secure the knot. Weave in all tails.

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